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Do you have a long or short torso? Here's how to measure it yourself.

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Do you know if you have a long or short torso? Every person’s body is unique in their own way, and knowing our body shape can be helpful when buying clothes to ensure a flattering fit.

Follow along for our tips on how to determine your torso length.

Our team here at Kitty VALE considers ourselves the experts when it comes to long torsos. We have developed a few methods for determining torso length. After using these methods, we'll help you find the perfect fit for your body type so you can feel comfortable in your clothes.

Before we start measuring, let's figure out what it even means to have a long torso.

What’s the difference between a short torso and a long torso?

Let’s get into torso lengths! Torso lengths are not strictly dependent on body type. Many women of different shapes and sizes can have long or short torsos. Understanding your torso length will not only help with the fit of your clothing but also aid in creating visual illusions to accentuate certain features.

Short torso

Women with shorter torsos may find themselves having long legs, higher hip lines, and shorter in overall height. You may be considered ‘short’ but visually, you look tall.

Long torso

When looking at women with long torsos, typically they have a lower hip line and shorter legs. While those with longer torsos may appear to have shorter legs they aren’t necessarily short. Tall women often have longer torsos. Because the hip line is lower, the torso looks elongated.

How do I determine my torso length?

We have a few methods of determining the length of your torso, both of which take no more than 5 minutes! To follow our methods to determine your torso length, all you'll need is a measuring tape!

How to measure your torso with a measuring tape?

The best way to determine your torso length is to measure from just under your bust (about where your bra line sits) to the top of your lap when seated. Less than 8 inches = Short Between 8-10 inches = Regular Greater than 10 inches = Long

Another method...

First, you’ll want to grab a measuring tape. Make sure it's a soft, fabric measuring tape to wrap around your body comfortably. We’re going to be measuring two lengths to determine your torso length. Start measuring from your underarms to your waist, then write this number down. Next, measure from your waist to your top hip line.

Let’s compare these two numbers.

You have a short torso if your first measurement is shorter than the second. If your second measurement is shorter, then you have a long torso. If there is not a significant difference, you have a regular torso length.

Still unsure if you have a short or long torso? Try this method. Measure the length from the crown of your head to your groin. Write this number down. Next, measure the length from your groin to the floor.

If the first measurement is shorter than the second, you have a short torso. If the opposite is true, then you have a long torso.

Check out our bodysuits made for long torsos!

We offer two torso lengths in our bodysuits, regular and long torso. If after utilizing our methods of measuring your torso length you found that you have a short or regular length torso, the regular size length will fit you best.

If your measurements confirmed that you have a long torso, our long size length will fit your torso best.

For more information about our sizing, visit our size guide.

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Need a visual guide? Here are some helpful videos.


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