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Our Brand


Kitty VALE is an American fashion brand specializing in premium bodysuits that are designed to fit all torso lengths. What began as a simple shopping trip to find a one-piece bathing suit, unexpectedly turned into a journey to bring women bodysuits that comfortably fit their long torsos.


Our bodysuits are constructed both inside and outside of the USA from high-quality, sustainable fabrics. Each design is rigorously fit-tested to ensure comfort, durability, and style.


Kitty VALE is committed to being a leader in the slow fashion movement. By delivering bodysuits built to last,

your Kitty VALE bodysuit will become a wardrobe staple for years to come.


Our Story


In 2021, our founder, Katie Maniscalco, started Kitty VALE due to the lack of bodysuits on the market that offered enough length in the torso to fit her body type.

"At 5'2" , I never imagined I'd have any issues finding apparel with an adequate amount

of length. However, after having my first child in the summer and wanting to dawn something a little less revealing at the pool, I tried on an abundance of

one-piece swimsuits only to find that they were all too short. It was then that I learned my experience is common among those with long torsos- something I didn't realize I had (or that even existed).


I eventually did manage to find a couple of swimsuits that I could make work, and even a few retailers that offered swimsuits for long torsos, but I wasn't so lucky when it came to bodysuits. There wasn't one out there that gave me the length I needed."


Meet Kitty VALE, a brand specializing in bodysuits meticulously designed to fit long torsos. We now offer a range of length options to fit all torsos! With plans to expand our collection, we believe Kitty VALE bodysuits will become the go-to bodysuit for women of all sizes.


This is why Kitty VALE is committed to providing comfortable bodysuits that fit. Our goal is to offer bodysuits that accommodate a wide variety of figures, and if we aren't meeting that goal, we want to know. Call us, e-mail us, @ us with your fit issues, and we will work to find a solution in future designs.

We hope you love us!

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