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Charleston Mom Launches Bodysuit Biz For Women Like Her

How this bodysuit brand turned long torsos into big business.

CHARLESTON, S.C. - After having her first child, Charleston local Katie Maniscalco found herself with limited options for her body type and set out on an unexpected journey to launch her first business. Meet Kitty VALE, a fashion brand specializing in bodysuits meticulously designed to fit long torsos. In 2021, Katie Maniscalco, found herself frustrated with the lack of bodysuits on the market that offered enough length in the torso to fit her body type.

"At 5'2", I never imagined I'd have any issues finding apparel with an adequate amount of length. However, after having my first child in the summer and wanting to dawn something a little less revealing at the pool, I tried on an abundance of one-piece swimsuits only to find that they were all too short. It was then that I learned my experience is common among those with long torsos- something I didn't realize I had (or that even existed).

I eventually did manage to find a couple of swimsuits that I could make work and even a few retailers that offered swimsuits for long torsos, but I wasn't so lucky when it came to bodysuits. There wasn't one out there that gave me the length I needed."

Katie designs each style herself. Constructed from high-quality, sustainable fabrics, Kitty VALE bodysuits deliver comfort without sacrificing style. Committed to the slow fashion movement, Kitty VALE bodysuits are built to last. With thoughtful construction and durable fabrics, these bodysuits can be worn over and over again while maintaining their distinct premium quality. Whether you’re headed to the office, out for a girl’s night, or chasing around the kiddos, Kitty VALE bodysuits provide comfort and versatility day to night.

Kitty VALE now offers different lengths in each style, so women of all torso lengths can enjoy the comfort of Kitty VALE. With plans to expand their collection, Kitty VALE bodysuits will become the go-to bodysuit for women of all sizes.

You can follow along Katie’s journey on Instagram @kittyvale_ and shop Kitty VALE bodysuits online at

This press release was originally released in Charleston Regional Business Journal here.


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